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Iroquois Bay
Pricing and Quotations

A Quotation not accepted (ordered) within 30 days is subject to review. Any pricing given is valid for only 30 days unless otherwise stated in writing.


All tapes (digitizing files) are the property of Iroquois Bay. We do not charge for tape creation and therefore we do not EVER release these tapes to any customer for any reason.

Order Cancellation

In the case an order is canceled, if Iroquois Bay has already commenced working on the order, they shall be entitled to full reimbursement for any costs already incurred, including penalties or restocking charges that other companies may charge us. This reimbursement shall be taken from the advance deposit or charged directly to the customers account.

Digitizing Fees

Iroquois Bay USALLY will not charge a digitizing fee. If a design is complex though and the programming time is greater than the standard time of one hour a extra programming fee or Digitizing fee will be charged to help cover the extra hourly rate required to complete the design.


Iroquois Bay will provide one Sew-out at no additional charge. Any sew-out's required above the first will be charged at the per-stitch embroidery rate.


Unless previously agreed upon by Iroquois Bay, payment for services are due upon pickup.

Net 30 Accounts

All tpayments on terms are due within 30 days. Any payment over 30 days will be charged a past due rate of 25% apr.